Premium baking mixes by The Invisible Chef


I believe in Santa, but I’ve never
actually seen him.

I believe in the Tooth Fairy, and
although we’ve never met,
I love her work.

So why can’t I believe in
The Invisible Chef.

Who can transform my everyday
fare into must-have, can’t-put
down surprises too scrumptious
to ignore?

Maybe if I click my heels or twitch
my nose, The Invisible Chef
will appear.

Or maybe all I have to do is look in
the mirror and believe.”

green dots

Stir in a little of your own imagination

Our premium baking mixes are blended using all natural ingredients so you know you are serving the very best to your family and friends. Our mixes are simple to bake, and use just a few basic ingredients from your kitchen. Give the gift of fresh-baked goodness featured in all of our gourmet specialties…beer bread, corn bread, and our quick bread collection of coffee & tea cakes including almond crème, apple spice, cherry chocolate chip, chocolate truffle, chocolate chipotle brownie, lemon poppy seed, maple oat walnut, and vanilla fig.

Enjoy the chef’s unique recipes, tips and ideas for making sensational treats. Visit us often to see an array of new pantry favorites including muffins, cookies, brownies, blondies, cupcake kits, and scones. The Invisible Chef is always looking for partners interested in wholesale opportunities for your own retail store.