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Fall Into Holiday Baking - 2023

Summer flew by…..and now we will have cooler weather, fall hikes, leaf raking, Halloween and Holiday cookie planning.   

No need to panic, The Invisible Chef has all of your holiday baking needs.  We are here to make your Holiday delicious and easy…..more time to spend enjoying the season with your friends and family and less time spent in the kitchen.  And….a perfect time to get your little baker’s in the kitchen!

How can that happen, you ask?  Well….we have a new, delicious and super easy cookie mix that is perfect baked as directed right out of the box…..but, for more fun, as usual, The Chef has come up with some great “Think Outside the Box Recipes” just for you, using our new Vanilla Shortbread Cookie Mix. 

Drum roll please…..The Vanilla Shortbread Cookie Mix requires only one ingredient (butter)….how easy is that? 

Our Shortbread Cookie mix can go from everyday/any occasion cookie to Halloween scary (adorable) cookie to versatile Holiday cookie….you pick the occasion – we provide you with options…..lots of options.

The best thing about our Think Outside the Box recipes are how easy they are.  Our boxed mixes are a great starting point…..we have done the messy part for you.  You just open the box, follow our easy instructions and you will have bakery style cookies to share with friends and family…..so, let’s get started.  Hooray!!



The Invisible Chef Vanilla Shortbread Cookie Mix, Unsalted Butter – Prepare cookies according to the box. 

Frankenstein Cookies:


Bake cookies in an 8 x 8 pan and cut into rectangles

You Will Need: Chocolate Jimmies, Green Candy Melts, Candy Googly Eyes


Melt the green candy melts according to package directions - in a wide bowl

  1. Dip one side of the shortbread rectangle into the melted green candy and smooth with a table knife.
  2. Dip the top part of the cookie into the chocolate jimmies while the green candy is soft.
  3. Using clean food safe tweezers, place two candy eyes a little below the hairline.
  4. Carefully, place one piece of a chocolate jimmie for the mouth (oooh)!

 Makes 12-16 cookies.  Let cool completely before scaring your friends!





Any Holiday Cookies – Bake cookies in an 8 x 8 square pan or an 8 x 8 round tart pan. Or, after making the dough, roll the dough into a log and refrigerate about an hour until well chilled.  Then remove the cookie log from the fridge and cut into rounds.


Chocolate (good quality chocolate chips) – Melt in a double boiler or the microwave (always be careful when melting chocolate not to splash water into the chocolate and don’t over melt or the chocolate will seize up and become gloppy)

Sprinkles – Colorful Jimmies - Christmas, Halloween or choose your favorite,

Chopped Nuts - (pistachios, walnuts, almonds) – your choice, 

Chopped/Crushed candy canes



Plain - Dip shortbread cookie in melted chocolate after baking and cookies are cooled (let chocolate firm up before serving).

Fancy - Dip shortbread cookie in the melted chocolate, then dip into your chosen condiments


Let the chocolate firm up……Simple as that…..now you have beautiful and delicious cookies to share with family & friends, give as hostess gifts, take to a cookie exchange or put on a pretty plate for Santa Claus!


 Happy Holidays, Love, The Chef



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